Department of Religion



Kevin Powell

Department Chair

We seek to equip students with a solid, functional understanding of both Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy counsels and to promote understanding of relevant supporting and contrasting information. Students will develop a clear understanding of God’s end-time church and its mission.

The Religion Department offers a four-year training program for both theology and biblical studies majors with each student completing a 12-week ministerial practicum during their last year before graduation. The program offers classes that give our students a good foundation for varied ministry opportunities. It helps the student understand current issues facing our church and mission, and gain practical experience in various types of personal and public ministry.

We also offer a two-year personal evangelism training program especially focusing on Bible work and literature evangelism. We seek to make our classes practical, substantive, and thorough.

Our theology, biblical studies, and personal evangelism graduates have done much with their training. Here in North America, our graduates are serving as pastors, evangelists, and canvassing leaders. Other graduates have gone to foreign mission fields and are using the skills they learned here at OHC to enlarge the kingdom of heaven around the world. Still others are active leaders in their local Adventist churches, doing their part to hasten the second coming of Jesus.

If you want to grow spiritually, learn diligently, and prepare earnestly, we would love to have you come join us as we learn about Jesus and His methods to teach and reach our world for Him!