Department of Education




Nicola Richardson

Department Chair

  The Education Department at OHC offers a four-year training program for both elementary and secondary education majors with each student completing a student-teaching opportunity during their last semester before graduation. The program offers some classes that are specific to an elementary classroom, some that are specific to a secondary classroom, and other classes that cover information vital to both types of classrooms. The training our students receive in the education classes is eminently practical, interactive, and thorough.

    Just a few of the things our education majors become well-versed in include: Christ's teaching methods, cooperative learning methods, classroom management techniques, designing lesson units and plans, and how to teach without books (for those planning on going to the foreign mission field). 

    Our elementary and secondary education graduates have done much with their training. Many are teaching in Adventist schools around the country. Others have had the opportunity to help small churches start a church school and have seen those schools flourish and minister to many in the churches and surrounding communities. Still other graduates have gone to the foreign mission fields and are using the skills they learned here at OHC to enlarge the kingdom of heaven.

We would love to have you come join us as we learn the best methods to teach and reach young souls for Jesus!