Mission and Service

At Ouachita Hills College, we believe every student can be a missionary for life no matter where God calls them to live and work. Each school year brings us new opportunities to serve both locally and abroad.

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Community Service

Students and staff team up to serve local communities once every semester. We might clean up a park, do yard work at homes, or even do basic construction.

ACTS Program

Every Sabbath, small groups of college students go out to serve in an Adventist church in a nearby town. Students teach Sabbath school classes, play music, serve on the platform, and preach. On Sabbath afternoons, students and church members work together in outreach efforts.

Mission Trips

During most school years, OHC students have a unique opportunity to go on a mission trip that brings the hope of salvation to unreached people around the world. Students who sign up for the mission trip will organize evangelistic series and children's meetings, present health talks, give Bible studies, and sometimes aid in construction projects. Trips are usually scheduled at the end of the college fall semester and extend over the Thanksgiving break. Students are responsible for fundraising and may consider working with their families and home church congregations.

Student-Organized Mission Trips
OHC students may plan and organize student-lead mission trips during spring break or summer vacation. Students are welcome to participate in these mission projects and are responsible for fundraising.