Ouachita Hills College exists to provide a Christ-centered, character-oriented education which equips students to be successful in their chosen profession and to be active soul winners.


The vision of Ouachita Hills College is to demonstrate the power of implementing God’s counsel for the Seventh-day Adventist church in the field of educational endeavor by providing an environment that fosters the well-rounded development described in those counsels. In addition to being aptly prepared for their chosen profession, our students are enabled to cultivate habits of deep Bible study, practical work, and compassionate witnessing.


To develop high Christian character in our students...

  • Encourage students to cultivate a dynamic, personal, saving relationship with Jesus through personal devotional time, corporate worship, classroom instruction, and mentoring by staff.
  • Foster a balanced development of the mental, physical, spiritual, and social powers.
  • Blend organizational structure with personal freedom to promote self-government, in order to honor God.

To equip students to be active soul winners…

  • Engage every student in soul-winning experiences such as canvassing, mission trips, and church assignments that include preaching, teaching, and providing leadership in worship services.
  • Teach principles of reliable hermeneutics as they relate to the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy.
  • Promote a spirit of dedication and self-sacrifice.

To help our students excel in their chosen profession…

  • Provide excellence in academics without sacrificing principles.
  • Equip students to be capable and faithful workers in their chosen profession.
  • Infuse dependable biblical instruction and principles across all disciplines.