Business Department Hosts Annual Seminar

Written by Maria Sebastian and Judith Magdaleno, OHC Students

To best equip our students at Ouachita Hills for the field of business, the Business Department hosts annual seminars to encourage students and help them envision the calling that God has in their lives. This year’s seminar was held on April 21, 2019 and the theme was “The Startup and Management (Operations, Finance, Legal, HRM) of Small Scale Seventh-Day Adventist Health Care Units”. Our main speaker was Dr. Chester Clark, a well-loved person on the Ouachita Hills campus. Students from different departments along with staff and faculty came together to hear the story of our beloved Ouachita Hills.

Dr. Clark took the attendees through a journey through his business career and how it is that God led him to places he never would have imagined. For many people starting a business may be easy, but for others it’s like putting together a puzzle. It’s a challenge! They say that you cannot spell challenge without change. Dr. Clark gave his testimony of a challenge given to him that completely changed his life. He showed and reminded what God can do when one is willing and determined.

One of the main things that Dr. Clark brought out was that he had struggled at one point about his life calling. As a young man many people encouraged him to become a preacher and though he pursued it, he realized he didn’t feel comfortable there. Dr. Clark recalled that as a child he enjoyed playing with and using tools, and concluded that he wanted to work in the medical field. While deciding and preparing he met his wife who had experience in the business field. He reminded the students that the Lord is good in that He sends you someone that will complement your skills. Together he and Mrs. Clark worked to expand their capabilities and skills and as a result the Lord led him to work in a medical center where he was counseled to study dentistry. He heeded that counsel and realized that this was his calling. However, this was not all that the Lord wanted to do through him.

After some time, the Dr. and Mrs. Clark wanted to do mission work overseas but were financially unable. God had another place in mind for them. They were soon led to the small city of Amity, AR. Dr. Clark had the opportunity to serve as the mayor of Amity for 16 years and it was then that the Lord really started to place in their hearts the desire to establish a school. This school, they knew, would not just be any school. Dr. Clark thought “If our schools are rightly conducted they can be means to establish light in their community.” Through trials and difficulties the Lord brought them through and allowed them to not only prosper in establishing Ouachita Hills, but also in the success of their clinic, Amity Gentle Dental.

All those who attended were blessed and encouraged to hear about what God can do to expand one’s influence when he is willing to allow the Lord to lead in life. One student commented, “The Lord has plans which we are unaware of and through willingness and determination the Lord can guide us closer to our calling,” Another student shared that it is important that “One must always keep the spiritual side of things in mind as he ministers to the needs of the people. Our ultimate goal as business men is to bring people to Jesus.”

We want to thank the Business Department for hosting and making this seminar possible. Not only has this been a blessing to the business department but to all those who want to work with God as their ultimate leader.