OHC students attend ASI Southwestern spring convention

Written by Sharon Steck

On Friday morning, March 15, the college took a trip down to Keene, TX, to spend the Sabbath at the Southwestern ASI convention there. It was not only exciting going on this trip with nearly the whole college, but it was also the first time that some of us had ever been to any ASI convention. That evening, our college choir sang a song entitled “No More Night.” It was a blessing to minister to everyone present through the gift of song. People were touched through its encouraging and hopeful message. After the special music, we were blessed by an inspiring message on dealing with issues of social justice from a Biblical and Christian perspective. He pointed out how people will know us by our manifestation of God’s love.

After the meeting, local church members took us to their homes. We were touched by their amazing hospitality. They were so loving and friendly, provided comfy beds, and cooked us delicious home cooked meals. It was a blessing having the opportunity to minister to and socialize with them while we stayed with them.

Early Sabbath morning, some of our college arrived at the convention to join other participants in united prayer. The fellowship that we had with our brothers and sisters in Christ during the Sabbath was sweet. For Sabbath school, we enjoyed a discussion panel lead by one of our teachers, Pastor Karl Tsatalbasidis, on what it means to be a servant. During this time, a few of the college students had fun helping out in the children’s meeting. The president of Adventist World Radio gave the message for the divine service. He shared inspiring testimonies from the foreign mission field. He shared that there are people everywhere who are searching for truth and the need is great for missionaries to go out and find them. The ministry booths there were pretty cool, too. International Children’s Care, 3ABN, and Ouachita Hills College and Academy were represented, as well as many other ministries. It was fun going to each one and learning more about how they are serving. That evening, we loaded back up into our vans and headed back to school. I’m so thankful for the opportunity that we had to be a blessing to those at ASI.