Spring Week of Prayer Features Student Speakers

Our spring Week of Prayer worship talks highlighted life lessons learned from the life stories of Bible characters. Ouachita Hills College students worked with college staff to develop and practice their talks.

College senior Annette Roblero-Vasquez spoke about the courage of Deborah and its impact on other people. She compared Deborah’s willingness to “stand up and stand out” with the same courage she saw in her Adventist friends, who lead Annette to join the church.

Judit Magdaleno, a college sophomore, described revival and reformation in the life of Hezekiah. Although Hezekiah’s father was the wicked king Ahaz, he chose to honor his Father God in his own life.

Sophomore Pah Lay Kho told the story of Esther coming boldly before the throne of the king to plead for her life. He related this story to our relationship with God and how He wants us to come boldly before the throne of grace.

Senior Nathan Powell talked about Zacheus and how his story illustrates steps to salvation and how we can have a closer walk with God.

The week ended with our Friday evening vespers service. College freshman Jennifer Landis talked about lessons learned from the life of Jesus and the way that He lived to bless others.

Staff and students were blessed and refreshed by this special week of worship and prayer together.