Medical Missions Class Visits Ouachita Healthy Living Center

This spring, students joined our first ever medical missions class, FUNdamentals of Medical Missionary Work, to learn how good lifestyle habits and simple natural remedies can work together for health and wellbeing. This class will prepare students from many areas of study to educate people in their communities about healthy living based on God’s principles. 

A highlight of the class so far has been attending a mini session at the Ouachita Healthy Living Center. The center hosts week-long sessions that introduce guests to the basic principles of healthy living, including diet, exercise and rest. The directors, Drs. Carlos and Kathy Irizarry, welcomed our students for a one-day session to experience the health program and to spark ideas for health outreach. 

Students arrived in the early morning, and the day started with worship followed by a delicious breakfast prepared by Dr. Kathy. After breakfast, there was a morning stretch session followed by a short stroll. There was a lecture on cancer prevention by Dr. Erin Maloney and then a much longer walk to campus. When students returned to the center, they worked together in a hands-on cooking class to make lunch. In the afternoon Dr. Carlos gave a talk about principles of good nutrition, followed by a hydrotherapy class.

Students especially appreciated the hot foot bath demonstration and both of the meals. They had fun cooking together, and were particularly interested in the cookie recipe, which they made in batches so that more people could get in on the cookie baking. Students were excited to see the big picture of how a health program can be simple, yet very beneficial, and even fun.