Students Share Truth and Build Faith During Fall Canvassing

About a month ago, the Ouachita Hills College students embarked on a journey across many states and hundreds of miles to bring the love of Jesus to thousands of people in El Dorado, Arkansas; Shreveport, Louisiana; and Mobile Alabama. The students canvassed business to business, home to home, rain or shine, experiencing many divine appointments and personal spiritual growth.

Mishael Privett was canvassing in Shreveport, Louisiana, and remembers that on the first day of canvassing, she saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky reminding her of God’s promises to us. Soon after, she met a nice lady at a door who was interested in the books Mishael had to show her. She ended up getting a Peace Above the Storm, The Promise of Peace (a compilation of Patriarchs and Prophets and The Desire of Ages), and God’s Answers to Your Questions. Before leaving, Mishael asked if she could pray with the lady. The woman broke into tears and asked Mishael to pray for her kids, who were struggling with anxiety. The woman was impressed by what Mishael was doing, and asked which denomination she was from. Mishael replied, “We are Seventh-Day Adventist. Have you heard of us?” The woman said that she had recently moved to the area, but had fellowshipped with a Seventh-Day Adventist church where she had previously lived and had loved the people there. She said she had been feeling as if God wanted her to find a Seventh- Day Adventist Church near her and start going again. The woman saw Mishael’s visit as a confirmation of God’s call to her heart. Mishael walked away from the door appreciating the chance to see God fulfill His promise to work things out in our lives at just at the right time and just when we need it.

Johntal Whyte, was working in Eldorado, Arkansas. She met a woman who, after being shown The History of Freedom (The Great Controversy), said, “Oh, I have that book already.” Johntal was surprised. The woman explained that six month before someone had given it to her. So Johntal asked the woman if she had seen the other books that went with The History of Freedom and proceeded to show them to the woman. “I don’t want any of the books, but I will give you some money,” the woman said and walked back into the house. She came back with a rolled up wad of bills in her hand. Johntal saw that it was one hundred dollars! But the woman refused the books. At first Johntal was tempted to think, “Why Lord?” But God was able to use the extra donation to as the means to leave books with many other people who weren’t able to give much for the books, but were very interested in receiving them. God had already provided the means to help those who sincerely were looking for truth to be able to receive it.

Johnte Whyte relates an experience at a door with a gentleman to whom she was showing The Great Controversy. She asked him, “What kinds of things are you interested in? Bible prophecy? History?” He said, “Yes ma’am, I am very interested in Bible prophecy.” He said “My wife and I talk about it a lot and we can see it all around us, God’s word being fulfilled.” But he confessed that he didn’t really like to read much. “No problem,” Johnte said as she pulled out a Theodicy DVD. “This is for someone that doesn’t like to read too much,” and she told him a little bit about the DVD. He said, “Ok, I'll go tell my wife.” But his wife wasn’t interested. Undaunted, Johnte said, “No problem” and handed him a small Happiness for Life (Steps to Christ). She told him, “Whatever you feel like giving helps me go through school and there is a section in the back if you want to order something later if you like.” His wife gave a small donation. Before leaving, Johnte asked, “Would you like me to say a word of prayer with you?” The wife said, “Yes, just a general prayer.” But as Johnte was praying, the Holy Spirit impressed her to say something in her prayer that really touched the woman’s heart. When Johnte opened her eye, the woman was sobbing! The woman thanked her very much for coming and Johnte was able to tell her that God had sent her and that she should read the book that they now had. Johnte was able to see that canvassers are not just there to place big books like The Great Controversy in people homes but also to plant small seeds like the little Happy D and a prayer.

These are just a few testimonies from fall canvassing, and every student has many to share. And even though all of our students have returned and are back in classes, the work that they started is still in progress. Let us continue to pray for all homes, families, and individuals who received a book, a Happy D, or a prayer. Pray that people will receive the truth as they read the books they have received, and be drawn closer to Jesus.

You can read more testimonies and learn more about our canvassing programs the Ouachita Hills Literature Warehouse website.