Ouachita Hills College

Tuition & Fees


Tuition (12-17 credits) $3,366
Room Charge* $738
Boarding Charge* $1,400
12 hrs- or 17 hrs+ $280.50 per credit hour
Correspondence Course $155 per credit hour

*Students are billed for room and board on a per-semester basis. There is a non-refundable
room deposit of $50, payable each summer for the following school year.

Additional Costs to Consider:
Optional personal food (other than what is served in the dining hall)  
Detergent and other laundering supplies  
Additional furniture for dorm room
Gas for personal vehicle  


Canvassing Scholarship Program

Students accepted into the Canvassing Scholarship Program can receive up to $1000 towards their tuition each semester.  To be eligible for the scholarship, students must work in an OHC-approved canvassing program during the summer (10 weeks) and winter (3 weeks) breaks. Payment of all earnings from the OHC-approved canvassing program must be made directly to OHC. In return, each student's canvassing earnings will be matched dollar for dollar up to $1,000 per semester. Students will receive money for living expenses, tithe, and offerings from the scholarship funds paid to OHC.

Students participating in the Canvassing Scholarship Program are required to participate in the OHC canvassing programs during the first and second semesters as part of their vocational training.

Please contact our registrar's office at 870-342-6210 ext 227 for more details.

Bible-Work Scholarship Program

In order to be eligible for the Bible-Work Scholarship Program, the student must have been enrolled at OHC for at least one year prior to applying for this scholarship. Students accepted into the program will receive $1000 towards their tuition each semester. Students must work in an OHC-approved Bible-work position during the summer (10 weeks) and winter (3 weeks) breaks. Payment of all earnings from the OHC-approved Bible-work position must be paid directly to OHC. All earnings from the Bible-work position will be matched dollar for dollar up to $1,000 per semester. The student will receive money for food, tithe, and offerings form the scholarship funds paid to OHC.

Recruitment Scholarship Program

OHC will credit a student’s account $500 for every additional student recruited who completes two semesters.

Other Matching Scholarships

For non-literature evangelism ministries, OHC will match 25% of approved program scholarships (maximum of $500 in matching funds). This will be applied over two semesters and on the conditions that the student releases the earnings being matched to OHC and takes part in the OHC canvassing program during the school year.

Student Financial Responsibility

OHC will assist students in their financial planning. However, responsibility for payment of college expenses rests with the student, regardless of any assistance which may be expected or received from parents, OHC, or other sources.

Before registering, each student must submit a Payment Contract to the Student Finance Office signed by the student indicating acknowledgment of this responsibility. Student financial responsibility includes awareness of information on student costs and means of paying those costs.

Ouachita Hills College is a nonprofit institution sponsored and operated by Ouachita Hills Ministries, Inc. As a church-related institution, OHC supports its operations strictly through tuition income, contributions, and scholarships. OHC does not participate in any state or federal educational assistance programs or veterans assistance programs.