Department of Health and Life Sciences



Our focus is to engage students in learning about the complex systems and relationships we observe in living organisms and the natural world. Our hope is that each student will develop a deeper relationship with our Creator as they study and prepare for their life's work.

An essential element of any discipline is the ability to ask meaningful questions and to devise strategies for addressing those questions; thus, investigative thinking is a central theme of our courses. Our students develop investigative strategies through problem solving, data analysis, and experimental design.

We are committed to a practical approach for studying the human body and health. Our courses emphasize human disease and its causes, as well as natural, effective methods to prevent and treat disease. Students are challenged to examine the connections between nutrition, lifestyle, and overall health, and to develop models for educating individuals, families, and communities about health.


Dr. Carlos Irizarry


Dr. Kathy Irizarry


Dr. Erin Maloney