Department of Business




Dr. Satyanarayana Ramella

Department Chair

Welcome to the Business Department! Ouachita Hills College business programs give students the opportunity to gain a broad set of skills in business and ministries administration, leadership, accounting and human resource management. All of our programs have a strong biblical foundation that prepares students to be witnesses for Christ in the workplace and their community.  
Our department has a good student-teacher ratio that allows teachers to mentor and lead students within a culture marked by responsiveness and flexibility. The Business Department faculty is made up of qualified professionals with significant outside-the-classroom experience as administrators and researchers.

We are committed to provide students with a Christian educational experience that challenges them to make a tangible difference in the lives of others and that stimulates their minds and hearts to be faithful workers for Christ.  By organizing social entrepreneurial ventures, helping people in need, and conducting community education programs, our students can develop an empathy that will deepen their understanding of the real-world significance of their education.

We provide our students an extraordinary environment where they will have an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skill to be responsible servant-leaders in for-profit as well as in not-for-profit organizations.

We encourage you to come and register in one of our business programs offered at Ouachita Hills College.


Our Mission

The Mission of Ouachita Hills College Business Department is to provide a Christ-centered, character-oriented business program that will equip students to be successful entrepreneurs and business leaders whose main objective is service and soul winning.

To fulfill the mission, the department

Delivers a curriculum that reflects the Seventh-day Adventist mission; promotes a spirit of service; stimulate creativity, collaboration, and a Christian entrepreneur spirit.

Supports a co-curricular program that offers students distinctive opportunities to grow as leaders, to develop Christian business skills, and to engage in a spirit of service and active soul winning.

Encourages students to apply Biblical and Spirit of Prophesy principles to resolve day-to-day and strategic business issues.

Promotes a culture where faculty works closely with students to address individual development needs.

Develops and supports faculty members to grow spiritually and academically in their field of expertise.