Ouachita Hills College

Mission & Objectives


The Education Department of Ouachita Hills College is dedicated to providing the most thorough and well-rounded blend of theory and practice to turn students into educators. The Education Department strives to take the counsels found in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy and to put those counsels into practice, both in the training of the students and the lives of the instructors.

The courses offered in this program are designed to prepare each student to achieve professional excellence in Christ's strength and to give each student the necessary tools to reach the hearts and needs of children and youth around the world.


To fulfill the mission, the department

  • Equips students to be ministers of education in various denominational venues, such as conference, supporting ministries, or missions.
  • Informs students as to beneficial methodology and tools for teaching in Christian schools in the 21st century.
  • Provides appropriate instruction, practice, and feedback in lesson planning and practice teaching.
  • Introduces students to the unique dynamics of the Seventh-day Adventist classroom, especially in the multi-grade environment.
  • Promotes dedication and self-sacrifice as prerequisites to effective Christian teaching.