Ouachita Hills College

Mission & Objectives

Our Mission

The mission of the Ouachita Hills College Business Department is to provide a Christ-centered, character-oriented business program that will equip students to be successful entrepreneurs and business leaders with a strong commitment to service and soul winning.

Our Goals and Direction

To fulfill the mission, the department

  • Delivers a curriculum that reflects the Seventh-day Adventist mission; promotes a spirit of service; stimulates creativity, collaboration and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Supports a co-curricular program that offers students distinctive opportunities to grow as leaders, to develop Christian business skills, and to engage in a spirit of service and active soul winning.
  • Encourages students to apply Biblical and Spirit of Prophesy principles to resolve day-to-day and strategic business issues.
  • Promotes a culture where faculty works closely with students to address individual development needs.
  • Develops and supports faculty members to grow spiritually and academically in their field of expertise.