Ouachita Hills College


The Department of Business houses programs with major in Christian business management, Christian human resources management, and Christian accountability and accounting. For students who choose to get a two-year degree we offer an Associate in Christian business management and for non-business majors we also offer minors in management, human resources, and accounting. The programs give the opportunity for students to gain a broad set of skills in business administration, leadership, accounting and human resource management. Students learn the principles that will enable them to work in both for- profit and non-profit organizations. These programs have a strong emphasis on Christian business principles that prepare the students to be witnesses for Christ in the work place.

The Christian business management and Christian human resource management programs focus on the management of organization resources to provide a service that will not only glorify God but also will bring tangible benefits to the organization. Students in these majors will gain in-depth knowledge and broad experience in areas like planning, managing, analyzing, and controlling activities that are linked to income generation as well as customer satisfaction.

The Christian accountability and accounting program provides students with skills essential to manage and to develop the institutional financial framework to be able to measure, analyze, interpret, and communicate organization financial performance. 

Our program offers a well-balanced environment where students will learn not only through lectures but also by hands-on experiences like internships, symposia and workshops. In addition to our mission-focused academic curriculum, our students have the opportunity to strengthen their spiritual walk with God while at school. The end goal of this program is to have graduates that are spiritually and academically equipped to serve God wherever He calls them to serve.



Bachelor of Christian Business Management
    Majors in
          ​General Business Management
          Accountability and Accounting
          Human Resource Management
Associate of Christian Business Management 

Minor, Business Management
Minor, ChristianAccountability and Accounting
Minor, Christian Human Resource Management

Bachelor's degree completion requirements:  124 semester credit hours
Associate's degree completion requirements:  67 semester credit hours
Minor completion requirement:  21 semester credit hours