Blessings from College Days 2017
October 26 was an eventful day for quite a few, eager students who were interested in Ouachita Hills College.  What was this school in Arkansas really like?  They soon found out as their vehicles crept through the forests surrounding our school.  Participants experienced classes on Friday, went out with the students on the Area Church Team Support (ACTS program) to surrounding churches, and then sipped hot carob at the Great Controvery bonfire celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation (sponsored by ssg@ohc, the campus Sola Scriptura group). Although the time spent was only a few days, we have heard wonderful reports of how the students were blessed as they went about our daily activities with us here on campus.  Was it the practical classes?  The healthy, vegan cafeteria food?  The spiritual Friday night vespers?  We hope that above all, their experience was enriching spiritually, and that they felt a renewal of their desire to serve God wherever He might take them.