Campus Expansion Will Add Student and Staff Housing
This school year brought many developments to the Ouachita Hills campus. As we anticipate the growth of our student body and staff family in the coming years, we have initiated a number of building and development projects to accommodate these changes. 

Our current auditorium is nearly filled by our students and staff, so when special events come along it can be challenging to seat our guests. A new auditorium is under development as an extension to the administration building. It will seat over 300, and is expected to be finished in December of this coming school year.

Our college men have nearly outgrown available housing, and have at times been housed off-campus. Our new college men's dorm can accommodate 26 students and has a spacious common area for study and dorm worship. The college ladies have also reached the limit of our campus housing, and plans have been drawn up for a new ladies' dorm. This dorm will house over 50 students and will overlook the recently landscaped campus lake. The men's dorm will be ready for students to move in this fall, and the ladies' dorm will be under development during the 2017-2018 school year. 

Staff also have a need for on-campus housing, as staff are needed from early morning for worships to evening activities. It can be a challenge for staff to balance campus activities with their families in town, and making more than one trip each day adds an extra expense. Three staff houses have been donated to Ouachita Hills. Construction is already underway, and these units are expected to be finished for the coming fall semester. 

The Lord has certainly blessed us over the past year, and we pray for His continued blessing as we move forward with these projects. We are thankful for the generosity of donors who have made these developments possible. We are still in need of continued support to finish this work, and we ask that you prayerfully consider donating to these projects. Please visit our Donate page, or call 870-342-6210 to speak with us.